Saturday, 4 February 2012

Chocolate Bread with Home-made Chocolate Spread

The smell of freshly cooked bread wafting through a house is perhaps one of the most comforting aromas. I am sure everyone would agree. But, have you ever been lucky enough to have the smell of chocolate bread wafting through yours?

 Chocolate and bread seems such an alien combination yet such a match made in heaven at the same time! The French have 'pan au chocolat' and everyone will remember having chocolate bread and butter pudding at least once in their childhood, but yet actual bread that is made of chocolate seems such a bizarre idea!

My boyfriend and one of our mutual friends was meant to be coming to stay this weekend and we were all going to go and see a football match today. But unfortunately it was cancelled due to a frozen pitch. I had cooked the chocolate rbead on Friday, I thought it would be the perfect breakfast warmed with the chocolate spread on Sunday morning, but our friend decided to stay back in Stevenage. Luckily for Mr Kitchen Goddess (in training!) this meant he got the chocolate bread all to himself!

I think this would be the perfect way to wake your loved one up on valentines too! Why not shape the loaf into a heart shaped tin instead of a standard loaf tin! If my man brought two big slices of this to me on Valentines Day I would be very impressed!

The dark chocolate gives the dish sophistication and depth of flavour, yet at the same time the thought of a warm slice of bread gooey with chocolate spread has a lovely innocence that sends you back to your childhood! Delicious!

I have entered this as part of 'Simply Food's' Lets Cook for Valentine Chocolates / Hearts Event (1st Feb - 29th Feb) You should enter too! Click the event name above to find out more!


  1. It looks really tasty. since you have used chocoate it would be perfect to send to lets cook for valentine chocolate/ hearts event@ Do lonk it up asits a lovely recipe.

  2. Thank you for linking this awesome recipe.

  3. Um, this sounds amazing! Can't believe I've only just seen it!!


    1. I'm glad you stumbled across it! It has to be one of my favourite recipes in the whole wide world :) real comfort food!



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