Friday, 30 September 2011

Nottingham World Market

Today I popped into the City Centre for some rather tedious chores, but was soon confronted by a sea of marquees!

As I saw the little white tents I was filled with excitement! I'd completely forgotten about the number of markets held in Nottingham's Market Square over the autumn months - how I forgot I don't is in the name after all!

Today was the World Market! According to the Nottingham website here for ONE DAY ONLY - sorry to those Nottingham readers who thought they might pop down tomorrow, you're a little too late!

So, how did The Nottingham World Market end up on this food blog?

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

[Burger Recipe] Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato Wedges


UPDATED: 6th May 2013

I originally came up with this recipe in my third year at university. A new academic year gave me the chance to get even more experimental in the kitchen and with all the stresses that final year brings I was determined that I would keep my health and weight in check.

It was my sister who first suggested to me that I tried turkey mince in my cooking. At the time she was a member of slimming world and she still follows their ethos today. With a pack of mince in my fridge I wanted to come up with something a bit more exiting rather than using it in a spaghetti bolognaise.
Unfortunately it seems everyone now knows that turkey mince is much leaner than beef mince and it is rising and rising in popularity. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this also means the price has risen. Just a year ago a pack of turkey mince set me back just under £2. Today it will cost  you more like 3. Ironically if you want extra lean this costs you even more!!! Even though they’ve taken fat out! Work that one out.

That said it is popular for a reason and now that I’ve returned to my parents home whilst at law school I’ve managed to introduce it into their diets too.
They love this recipe so much I decided I would give the whole post a facelift. So here you’ll see new word (you’re reading them now...) and new photos. But I assure you the recipe remains the same!

So back to the recipe...

Because this burger is made with turkey mince instead of traditional beef mince it means you can experiment with flavours much more. Thai turkey burgers are popular all over the internet but this recipe is a little bit different.

These are inspired by the southern states of the USA. They have a smokey paprika flavour and are served with sweet potato wedges. BBQ sauce or mayonnaise wouldn’t feel out of place served as a condiment should you choose.
The subtle warmth that the paprika and cayenne brings means that the turkey mince is still very much the star so if you ever needed convincing to swap beef mince for turkey mince this is the recipe to try!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Banana and Choc-Chip Muffins

Both my housemate and I have had a rough couple of days with family in and out of hospital, and as a result I thought I would whip up a quick batch of something naughty but nice to cheer us up!

Banana and chocolate chip muffins – keep the chocolate as dark as you dare, and the banana will provide the perfect sweet balance to keep your taste buds excited.

Best served warm!

Toad in the hole!

First of all a quick applogy to those of you who have been visiting my blog in the last couple of days and have been dissapointed at the lack in posting - unfortunately I have had some bad news this week, and haven't been able to update as frequently as  I normally like to.

But, nevertheless, I'm back updating today with a brilliant comfort food recipe - Toad in the Hole!

My mum used to make this a lot when we were children. As soon as autumn dawned, and the leaves began to fall, out came her trusty toad in the hole recipe to keep us warm!

Therefore, this is my go to recipe when the weather begins to turn and the nights get darker!

It's such a simple recipe, and guarenteed to please!

Here's how you do it:

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Aubergine and Pesto Bake

I learnt an interesting fact today while my dinner sat in the oven, the delicious smell of aubergine, tomato and pesto wafting through to my lounge – aubergines (also known as eggplant in America), are NOT a vegetable, in fact they are a berry!

People are often unsure of what to do with aubergines as they are notorious for acting as a sponge, and soaking up lots of oil making dishes with them in quite fatty. In this recipe however, the aubergines merely soak up the juices of the pesto and tomato making for a really flavoursome dish!


Low-fat Apple Tea Cake

At the minute I have two culinary conundrums... Firstly, my apple tree is HEAVING! We can't catch them quick enough as they fall off the tree, secondly I have eaten far too indulgently over the last two months of being at home and am in desperate need of a few more healthy treats in my recipe file!

This recipe was my saviour! A tasty treat, but with a lot less fat than your average cake recipe!

(NB. This recipe was adapted from an original Weight Watchers recipe)

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Food Trend #4 - Miniature Pies

The latest food trend that is taking off over the pond is the Miniature Pie trend.

These pies may be sweet or savoury, and are becoming one of the most fashionable snacks, lunches and dinners! Pie shops are popping up all over America (and slowly in England – remember MyPie on the Apprentice, and here The Pie Shop in Covent Garden)

Some even offer ‘Pie Happy Hour!’

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

National Cupcake Week – celebrating with Lemon Meringue Cakes

It is National Cupcake week, and we are already two days in! But I have been busy baking away and have an exciting new recipe to bring you in celebration of National Cupcake Week – Lemon Meringue Cakes!
This recipe is inspired by one of my favourite desserts, the lemon meringue pie, but is cute and dainty, perfect to serve at tea parties for special guests.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Yorkshire Puddings!

It's a Sunday and that means one thing...roast dinner, with yorkshire puddings!

Now...I know this will be a shock to most...but I’m not actually a big fan of the roast dinner! I love all of its components, the mountains of veg, pools of gravy, and the succulent meat, but for some reason they’ve never been my favourite meal.

However, despite not being a roast dinner connoisseur,  I do know one thing – a good roast dinner can be made outstanding with the addition of one simple component, the Yorkshire Pudding!

What is even better, is that they are incredibly simple to make, and cheap! What more could a student want!

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Freshers Foodie Tip #10 - Cut out the MEAT!

You may be a carnivore BUT meat is expensive, even if you buy the cheap and nasty veiny stuff – yuck!!! A veggie curry is just as nice as a chicken one, and is more authentic!

There are plenty of recipes on this site that you might want to try: 
You may not think a recipe missing meat will be nice, or fill you up, BUT you’d be COMPLETELY wrong.
Of course you can treat yourself every now and then! But don’t just live off cheap and nasty chicken. Get your protein from much cheaper sources - for example pulses!
Meatless Monday is huge in America, and is a brilliant place to start! Bring the next big food trend to your halls!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Freshers Foodie Tip #8 - The Freezer is Your Friend

Claim space in the freezer...if you haven’t already done it run and do it now! If you haven't moved into halls yet make it the first thing you do!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Freshers Foodie Tip #7 - Cook From Scratch

You can’t deny cooking from scratch is cheaper! Just check out the price of my pizza dough, at less than 11p, you couldn’t even have one slice of Domino’s for that much!
So start cooking from scratch for healthier, tastier and cheaper food. Follow this blog for almost daily updates of new scrummy food to try!


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