Wednesday, 28 September 2011

[Burger Recipe] Turkey Burgers with Sweet Potato Wedges


UPDATED: 6th May 2013

I originally came up with this recipe in my third year at university. A new academic year gave me the chance to get even more experimental in the kitchen and with all the stresses that final year brings I was determined that I would keep my health and weight in check.

It was my sister who first suggested to me that I tried turkey mince in my cooking. At the time she was a member of slimming world and she still follows their ethos today. With a pack of mince in my fridge I wanted to come up with something a bit more exiting rather than using it in a spaghetti bolognaise.
Unfortunately it seems everyone now knows that turkey mince is much leaner than beef mince and it is rising and rising in popularity. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that this also means the price has risen. Just a year ago a pack of turkey mince set me back just under £2. Today it will cost  you more like 3. Ironically if you want extra lean this costs you even more!!! Even though they’ve taken fat out! Work that one out.

That said it is popular for a reason and now that I’ve returned to my parents home whilst at law school I’ve managed to introduce it into their diets too.
They love this recipe so much I decided I would give the whole post a facelift. So here you’ll see new word (you’re reading them now...) and new photos. But I assure you the recipe remains the same!

So back to the recipe...

Because this burger is made with turkey mince instead of traditional beef mince it means you can experiment with flavours much more. Thai turkey burgers are popular all over the internet but this recipe is a little bit different.

These are inspired by the southern states of the USA. They have a smokey paprika flavour and are served with sweet potato wedges. BBQ sauce or mayonnaise wouldn’t feel out of place served as a condiment should you choose.
The subtle warmth that the paprika and cayenne brings means that the turkey mince is still very much the star so if you ever needed convincing to swap beef mince for turkey mince this is the recipe to try!

Here’s how you do it:


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