Sunday, 17 April 2011

Home-made Pizza

My favourite thing to do if I have a Saturday night in, is to make home made pizza, open a bottle of wine and put something good on the TV! So that's what me and my boyfriend decided to do this weekend!

This is a super easy dough recipe, without the need for yeast or any other fancy ingredients and you can top it with anything you've got on the fridge!

Quick and Easy Pizza Dough


100g Self-raising Flour
Splash Olive Oil
Teaspoon mixed herbs
Water to bind


Sift 100g of flour and add the olive oil and initially 100ml of water. Stir until it forms a dough.

Do not make the dough too wet or it will be sticky and uneasy to handle!

Once it has bound together into a ball you will need to knead it. (This is the best time to add any mixed herbs.) Do this by flouring a surface and pushing the dough away from you with your knuckles and base of your palm. Keep doing this until it gets more elastic.

It is then ready to roll out. (Don't forget to flour your rolling pin!) 

As you roll, keep the dough moving so it doesn't stick to the surface. This dough is best when you have got it as thin as possible!

Before you put the toppings on, to make sure the dough cooks and gets nice and cripsy you need to seal it first!

(I stole this cheat off of Jamie Oliver and his 30 Minute Meals!)

Put some olive oil in a frying pan and heat until its nice and hot. Place the dough in the pan and warm through until it has a nice and crispy underside! I like to do this for the top as well (especially if you use a passata tomato sauce as the wetness can cause the dough to remain gooey!)

It is then ready to top! And will only need to warm the toppings through in the oven!

Pricing (based on Asda's pricing unless stated otherwise)

Flour 6.5p, Olive oil 3p, Water FREE, Herbs 1p

Total 10.5p!!! No excuses not to whip up a pizza now!



On my pizza I used tomato puree for the sauce with a few blobs of anchovie paste for an extra hit of flavour. I then added fresh basil leaves, blobs of mozarella, thinly sliced onion, sliced cherry tomatoes, and thin slices of Chorizo.

My boyfriend's veggie alternative was topped with, tomato puree, fresh basil leaves, thinly sliced onions, mushrooms, and Quorn 'poppin chicken bites'.

They were delicious! Certianly helped the wine go down!

Have a lovely weekend!


Easy Pizza Dough


  1. I'm really pleased that as a student you still find time to make your own pizza, and not just order the takeaway! It looks yummy :)

  2. Lol although dominoes is tempting its probably qicker just to mix up some of your own dough :P (and definitely cheaper!) and im a big fan of getting messy in the kitchen haha! :)

  3. Oh wow it doesn't need any rising time? I am definitely trying this recipe next time!

  4. I just made this :) it was lovely!
    Made double the mix and me and my brother had a pizza each.
    I put tomato pasata on and cheese :) beautiful! :)

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed it AmyLou!


  6. Your pizza looks delicious! I use Jamie's 30 mins recipe too, it's so much easier than doing it properly and it's still yummy. xx

  7. nice pics and a wonderful info in your blog.

  8. Beautiful looking pizza - really scrummy

    I've always loved making homemade pizza!



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