Friday, 9 September 2011

Freshers Foodie Tip #9 - Grow Your Own!

Want some FREE food? Then grow your own!

I started off with herbs on my windowsill in halls – for between 50p and 90p in Wilkinson’s you can buy pots of herbs that are REALLY easy to grow! Then you always have herbs to make your food delicious! Just think of fresh basil in a tomato pasta dish! Yummy!
If you are really green fingered, or just want to try something new join an Allotment Society at uni!

Nottingham’s Allot Soc has a communal allotment on campus, right outside 2 halls of residence. Anyone can join for FREE, and you can pop down whenever you fancy, decide what to grow, do a bit of digging, and take home any veg you harvest at the end!

I’ve had leeks, turnips, green beans, herbs, spinach, garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, name just a few.

Check out the University of Nottingham's Allotment Society here: AllotSoc on Facebook

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