Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Freshers Foodie Tip #8 - The Freezer is Your Friend

Claim space in the freezer...if you haven’t already done it run and do it now! If you haven't moved into halls yet make it the first thing you do!

Cooking meals from scratch is healthier and cheaper than buying ready meals all the time!

BUT you can’t exactly cook a lasagna for one.

When you have leftover food, or just can’t turn a family recipe into a recipe for one, don’t keep eating ‘til you explode (beware the fresher 7 – 7lbs every fresher puts on in their first term due to too much alcohol, not enough veg.!!!) and instead whack the leftovers in a Tupperware and put it in the freezer.

Next time you fancy a home cooked meal but don’t have the time pop it in the microwave and you’re set!

(Alternatively have mum make meals at home which she freezes and brings up for you!)

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