Sunday, 11 September 2011

Yorkshire Puddings!

It's a Sunday and that means one thing...roast dinner, with yorkshire puddings!

Now...I know this will be a shock to most...but I’m not actually a big fan of the roast dinner! I love all of its components, the mountains of veg, pools of gravy, and the succulent meat, but for some reason they’ve never been my favourite meal.

However, despite not being a roast dinner connoisseur,  I do know one thing – a good roast dinner can be made outstanding with the addition of one simple component, the Yorkshire Pudding!

What is even better, is that they are incredibly simple to make, and cheap! What more could a student want!

Note however that there are a few golden rules, like NEVER open the oven door until they are done!

Happy cooking!

This recipe comes courtesy of Mrs Beeton! Instructions in my own words...

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