Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Butternut Squash with Pine-nut and Sage Ravioli!

After having a go at making my own home-made and surprisingly CHEAP fresh pasta, we had to decide what to do with it! Dad had been given a ravioli mould as a present for Christmas to go with his pasta machine so I decided to try something new!

My parents always have butternut squash in the vegetable store so I popped outside to hunt for some herbs, and rummaged the cupboard for other ingredients, coming across pine-nuts and Parmesan, and got to cooking the filling!

Butternut Squash, Pine-nut and Sage Ravioli filling.


1 butternut squash
Half a white onion
Small bag of pine-nuts
Handful of fresh sage
Salt and pepper to season


The butternut squash can be boiled, or for extra flavour roasted with some olive oil in the oven for roughly 40mins at gas mark 5/6. Leave it in its skin but cut it in half to expose half of the flesh. If you boil  the squash it will only take 10-15mins. (This certainly saves time!

At the same time fry off the onions (finely chopped) in a small pan, then toast three quarters of the pine nuts.

Once the squash is done remove from its skin and mash. Finely chop the sage and mix in along with the onions and pine nuts. Grate in about 4 tbsp of Parmesan and season to taste.

This is the basic filling for your pasta.

If using a ravioli mould, lay your first sheet onto the mould and press into the dimples.

Fill each dimple with a teaspoon of filling. Make sure there are no air bubbles caught underneath the filling.

Lay a final layer of pasta on top and roll over with a rolling pin to seal the parcels.

These will only take 4 mins to cook.

A good tip is that they will begin to float when they are done!

We served this with a basic cheese sauce which had some of the squash mixture stirred in,  the remainder of the toasted pine nuts on top and a rather yummy glass of Cava.

We received compliments from everyone! I hope you enjoy the dish too!


Butternut Squash Pine Nuts


  1. this is lovely, my boyfriend bought his pasta machine to uni this term and we've always been meaning to make some pasta, but we never got round to it. And we were scared about how it would turn out, so I'll take some tips from you :)
    p.s. I'm so jealous you've finished your exams (albeit a long wait at the restaurant you went to!), hope they went well!
    p.p.s my boyfriend's sister is going to nottingham next year, I'm going to pass on this blog to her if that's okay :D

  2. Definitely give it a go! It is SO much fun and so yummy!!! Ten times more flavoursome then the normal fresh packetted stuff!

    When do your exams finish then? Hope you don't have too much longer to wait! Then you'll be baking all the time! Good luck!

    And feel free to pass this on! I can tell her which restaurants not to visit haha!

  3. Those are seriously impressive. I've always wanted to make pasta, but I don't have a pasta machine, do you reckon it would work with just a rolling pin?

    Good luck with your vegetable garden as well :)

    Lydia x

  4. Hi Lydia! I actually did a lot of research into the rolling pin method before making these as I had completely forgotten my Dad owned one!

    It takes a little longer, and a bit more perseverance, but basically once you've made the dough and kneaded it, you just need to roll it out long, in just the one direction, keep folding it back on itself and repeating.

    It definitely takes some elbow grease but it is most definitely do-able and so rewarding!

    You can find videos of people using this method on you-tube!

    I definitely recommend you give it a go!

    Emma x



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