Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Home-made Pasta

UPDATED: 17/05/2013

My philosophy has always been that if you cook from scratch you will not only be eating more healthily but you will be eating more cheaply. One of the best examples of this is home-made pasta.
Although dried pasta can be extremely cheap (Asda’s cheapest is just 30p for 500g!) fresh pasta prices however are through the roof. What’s more is that it’s not even that difficult to make at home, requires 2 ingredients both of which I guarantee you will already have in your house, and it’s FUN to make.

You’ll notice I have a rather sexy duck egg blue pasta maker on my side, but if you’re thinking about not reading any further because you don’t own one, don’t panic. Pasta can be made entirely from hand. It takes a bit longer, and a bit more man power but all you need is a rolling pin.
Another fab thing about making your own pasta (apart from how fun it is), is that you can make a big batch, freeze it or keep it in the fridge.
Have I convinced you how great it is to make your own pasta yet?
If not, this simple recipe certainly will.

Those eagle eyed mathematicians among us will have noticed that this recipe easily divides by 4 so the recipe is easily adjustable depending on the number of people you are cooking for.

Basic Fresh Pasta

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