Monday, 25 April 2011

Spinach Lasagna Rolls

It's always difficult as a student cooking yummy, proper home made dinners...for 1. Take lasagna! To make a lasagna with only 3 or 4 sheets is still plenty for two!!! I often just freeze the other half, but I recently stumbled across this recipe, which although not as indulgent as a REAL lasagna, can be made into individual portions to one and is a lot kinder on the waist line!

It's Spinach Lasagna Rolls and the original idea came from Gina's Skinny Recipe's at: 

(Check it out for loads of other healthy ideas!)

I have adapted it a bit for us students who may not have all of the ingredients to hand!


Spinach Lasagna Rolls


Fresh lasagna sheets (these can be frozen individually making them perfect for individually portioning)
Tub of low fat ricotta
Big bag of spinach
Tinned tomatoes
Red onion
Nice bottle of cheap red wine! (You only need a bit for the sauce, rest is chef's perks!)

You can also sprinkle any cheese you have in the fridge on top!


Lay out your lasagna sheets flat and spread a good thick layer of ricotta all over! (Give yourself a good centimetre at least! Then lay out your spinach on top! The more the better!

I was initially a bit stingy on my cheese and leaves but the more full they are the better!

Once you have piled them high, start rolling. This can be quite difficult but you'll get there in the end. If you are doing a big dish like I did you may want to put something heavy on top so they don't unravel as you make the others!

Then in a saucepan fry off the garlic and onions until soft, add your tomatoes and red wine. Stir and continue to cook until you have a nice thick sauce.

Of course you can add any other veg to this sauce to pad it out, peppers, mushrooms etc would all be lovely!!!

Pour the sauce over the rolls in a big baking dish and heat on Gas 5 for roughly half an hour to 40mins

If you want 5 mins before the end add some cheese on top to treat yourself!

Everyone loved this dish! But remember to cook long and slow and the spinach releases water and you want your sauce to be thick!

I will definitely be making individual ones when I'm back at uni!



  1. Thanks for the simple recipe, it's always annoying having to go out and bu those small nitpicky bits and as students we can't always afford it - plus we'll probably lose that jar of basil lonnngg before it's finished :)

  2. I am making something similar this weekend!

  3. Awesome heather! Please do let us know how they go and anything you do a bit differently!!!



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