Saturday, 30 April 2011

Chicken and Avocado Salad

I've already posted one avocado salad on here, one that I often take into university with me on hectic days.

This one is a non-veggie version, and I have 3 ways of varying the salad to make it that little bit more indulgent each time!

Chicken and Avocado Salad


Chicken Breast
Spring Onions
Lettuce (works well with rocket and watercress!)
Salt and Pepper


Bake the chicken breast (in foil in the oven for 20mins gas mark 5 is best for a really succulent breast).

You can either keep it warm, or have it cold. I used a leftover chicken breast that had been baked with garlic and lemon the night before for EXTRA flavour!

Add to a salad bowl with sliced avocado, spring onions and the leaves. Drizzle lemon over the top and season.


1.) The is to have it in a wrap! It's better for lunch-boxes and adds a bit of carb to keep you going through lectures!

2.) Add crispy bacon bits! If you are having the chicken hot its nice to keep the crispy bacon hot too though you do not have to!

Cook the bacon on the grill (or a leam mean fat educing grilling machine) until the edges are nice and crispy! Drain the fat away and give it a pat with a bit of kitchen roll to get rid of any extra grease or the lettuce will got soggy!!!

3.) Instead of adding carbs with a wrap to make it into a really filling and indulgent salad add new potatoes! Again, with the new potatoes you can either leave them to cool along with the chicken (and bacon if you choose to) or have it cold!

Simply cook the new potatoes in boiling water until soft! Usually about 15mins, but check the packet!

I really do love Avocados! I may do a post on here soon about the health benefits of eating them! I think they are essential for any diet! (Cut out the bad fats and eat lots of Avocados!!!)



  1. Ooooo this looks really nice!

    I may be stealing this for exam time lunches. =D

  2. Sounds good to me!!! It should keep you going :P

    (I'll have to put some brain power fishy recipes on here next!)

    My exams are 3 hours long EUGH! So there's a fine line between not eating enough and being STARVING at the end, and eating too much and wanting to sleep haha!

    Good luck with your exams!



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