Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Birthday Cake

There's nothing better on your birthday than having all the friends and family round for a piece of cake and a drink, and that's exactly what we did for Dad's birthday yesterday!

As per usual, I was in charge of the cake (what happened to my healthy eating!?), and it went a little something like this!

Mrs Beeton's Victoria Sandwich Cake


150g Self-raising flour
150g Caster sugar
150g butter/margarine
3 eggs
Pinch of salt


Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 4, and get out two 18-inch sandwich tins and grease them thoroughly!!!
Alternatively you could use grease proof paper to line the tins, but this can be a bit of faff at the end (I much prefer greased loose based tins!)

Next cream together the butter and the sugar. Make sure you do this thoroughly and wait for the mixture to turn a much paler, creamier yellow. It will then be really soft to the touch.

Whisk the eggs up and slowly add them to the butter and sugar mix, only a little bit at a time. Whisking the mixture together thoroughly in between each addition.
If you add too much too quickly the mixture may curdle but don't panic! Keep whisking, if that doesn't help a pinch of flour should do the trick!

Next sift the flour and the salt into your bowl! All at once! And gently combine the mixture folding lots of big air bubbles in. Make sure there are no hidden clumps of flour and that the mix is thoroughly combined.

It is now ready to put into the tins!
Divide between the two, and gently push the mixture to the edges to get a nice flat surface, perfect for decorating!

Pop in the oven for 30mins. Once they are a nice golden brown colour you know they are done! But just to be safe poke with a knife or metal skewer - if it comes away dry you know they are ready!

Pop on a cooling rack to cool.

Now, a Victoria sponge sandwich cake is not much good without a filling! A thin layer of jam in the middle is perfect! (If you want to be extra decadent you can put in whipped, or butter cream with the jam!!!)
Pricing (based on Asda's own brand unless specified!)
Flour 9.75p, Silver Spoon caster Sugar 16.5p, Stork butter/margarine 28.5p, 2 Happy Eggs, 78p
Total: £1.33p

I'd told my Dad I was making his birthday cake so it wasn't a surprise, but as a result I got given a spec!!!! He requested a butter cream Tottenham Hotspur cake!!! Now I'm relatively new to cake decorating but I thought I would give it a go!

I used the same butter cream recipe from my previous post but decided to make the icing a little thinner. I didn't need it to hold it's shape so much, and wanted it easily spreadable to get a smooth surface finish!

Again I had a good play around with my food colourings! (I will have to invest in the natural food dyes from Waitrose!)

The cake went down a treat! It's my Nan's birthday next, I expect she will want me to bake her a cake too!

Happy baking!



  1. What a lovely icing job :) The top looks especially smooth - it also looks delish!

  2. Thanks ilikeyoursundress! I use the rather unorthodox approach of using a MEAT CLEAVER to smooth it out lol!

    The rents don't have any fancy baking supplies so no spatula for me :P

    Em x

  3. Hey :) Your blog looks great, I'm glad you found mine through the student room - what would be students do without it?

    Really like how you've done the pricing on the baking - that's a really good idea and I think it makes your blog unique from the others (and it's very handy too!) Sadly Cambridge Uni only has a Sainsbury's but I shall base pricing loosely on yours, it is pretty hard to keep track of spending on baking ingredients!

    Good job on the icing on the cake too - looks yummy! :)

  4. Hi Xinemei! Glad you like the pricing idea!! Baking can be the most expensive part of cooking :P thats another reason to make it an occasional treat haha! Hopefully I can show it is still possible on a student budget :)

    I must try your fish cake next!!!

  5. Hi could you tell me how big are your cake tins? mine are 9'' and the cakes seems to be quite flat! help!!



  6. Hi Nit Nat Noo! I also use 9" tins sorry for not clarifying! Are you really whisking the mix well when you've added the eggs? The mix should really double in size! Are you also using self raising flour? I hope you find the solution!!!



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