Friday, 17 June 2011

Aubrey's Traditional Creperie

I've recently updated the Restaurants/Take-Away page (click the tab above) with reviews on Mumbai Flavours, and Aubrey's Traditional Creperie.

The Creperie is a new personal favourite, that I will be returning to regularly! (They also cater for events...if only I had an event planned that they could cater for!)

The shop has such a quaint vintage feel and serves quality crepes and galettes alongside speciality teas, coffee and other soft drinks.

For a shabby chic, French vintage experience and taste sensation I really recommend Aubrey's Creperie. Check out the review to find out more!


  1. I haven't had crepes for ages and this one looks so good...!!

  2. they really were delicious! Perfect combination of flavours and expertly done :) If you're ever in Nottingham you should really check them out!



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