Sunday, 17 July 2011

Basic Tiramisu

My lovely boyfriend offered to cook me a candlelit dinner last week after 3 hard days of interviews for Training Contracts with law firms in the city.

He cooked a delicious summer vegetable risotto with home-made cheesy garlic bread.

I was in charge of the pudding.

So, on my way back from the train station I popped into Tesco's and hey-presto I had the ingredients for a basic tiramisu!

Here's the recipe!

Basic Tiramisu

Ingredients (serves 6-8):

150ml coffee (instant, cooled)
3 tbsp sugar (preferably caster sugar but granulated will do just fine!)
2 eggs (separated)
250g marscapone cheese
250ml double or whipping cream
One pack of sponge fingers
Any extra chocolate-y bits and cocoa for dusting!


After mixing 150ml of coffee and allowing to cool, dip half of the the sponge fingers into the coffee and place in a dish. Long and flat is best!

In 3 separate bowls (yes there is quite a bit of washing up), mix the egg yolk and sugar (bowl #1), the egg whites into soft peaks (bowl #2) and in the final bowl whip the cream.

First add the marscapone to the egg and sugar mix. Next fold in the whipped cream. Then finally add the egg whites, trying not to knock out any of the fluffy and airiness.

Pour half the creamy mixture on to the sponge fingers and dust with cocoa powder. Add another layer of the sponge fingers, and repeat with the creamy mixture.

It's almost like a dessert lasagna!

Top the tiramisu with a dusting of cocoa sugar and any other chocolaty treats!

Place in the fridge until serving and enjoy!

Pricing (based on Asda's cheapest range unless otherwise specified):

Coffee 4p, sugar 3p, Happy eggs 52p, marscapone £1.34, cream 90p, sponge fingers 68p

Total (serving 6-8) = £3.51

Per serving = 59p (based on 6 sharing!)


  1. yum! tiramisu is the best

  2. Aw how cute! Looks great :) I hope the interviews went well and you get a law contract - we can be City food bloggers together!

  3. This looks yummy!
    I've had bad tiramisu experiences but I'm very tempted to give it a go...

  4. Hi girls! Glad you're all enjoying tge recipe! More to come soon I promise! Jess if you like this recipe and you're not already, I suggest you follow me for more ideas! I usually post once or twice a week :) as for the tiramisu, I find its best to only dip the sponge fingers into the coffee for a short period of time. They really are like sponges and if they are oversaturated they soon disintergrate and you're left with a watery, mushy mess! Also thanks for the well wishes Xinmie, I have a whole month of assesment centres and interviews to go! Then city food blogging it is :D



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