Saturday, 20 August 2011

Freshers Food Tip #2 - Learn the basics

The second piece of advice that I have is quite simply, learn some basic cooking skills.

Burnt scrambled egg will cost you £15.52. 52p for the eggs you burnt. £15 for having to order dominoes because that was all you had left in the fridge!
Chopping your finger off while slicing onions will cost you £8. £4 for the taxi journey to the hospital, £4 for the taxi journey back! (Hopefully by the time you get home a house mate will have used the onions to cook you dinner though...otherwise add on an extra £15 for dominoes!)

You can see my Top 10 Tips for Beginngers here.
The tips include: what basic equipment you will need, heating oil, defrosting food safely, cooking pasta, dippy eggs, jacket potatoes, basic stir-fry, omlette, cheese sauce and gravy!
I hope they help!

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