Thursday, 18 August 2011

A-Level Results Day!

It's A-level results day and despite having been there, done that, got the A-level certificates, the day still makes me feel nervous!

I remember the day so clearly, I woke up at 7am, I just couldn't sleep for worry, and cursed the school for opening so late! Why couldn't they open the school at 8 like normal?!

I was determined NOT to go on UCAS to see if I had my first choice uni - if I didn't then I would be left in limbo til 10am not knowing whether I had good enough grades to ring up and beg! This happened to my best friend, who had been keeping a brave face only to suffer a double blow when she turned up at school and realised she had NO hope.

I also didn't want a repeat of the year before. My boyfriend checked on UCAS, thought he hadn't got in, only to turn up at school later in the day to realise he HAD got the admin error meant that one of his AS levels had never been sent to UCAS so the uni thought he didn't have the grades but he did! It took nearly a month before the university would confirm his place - just in time for Freshers week to begin!!!

So I turned up at school...extremely turned out I HATED my second choice...I only wanted Nottingham so anything less than 3 A's just wasn't good enough...


The suspense was quickly over...there were three distinct piles of results. One blank...nothing special about those, then one pile had "Please see Mr Morely" on it - that clearly meant you were going through clearing as it was his job to take you through the process. And the other pile (my pile) had a note saying "Please see Mr Craig."

Mr Craig was the head teacher, standing at reception with the photographer from the local paper ready to take pictures of the straight A after all that worrying. THEY RUINED MY SURPRISE!

Even so I still had to ring round my family to tell them the good news, before going back to my house to have pink cake and pink champagne! The perfect celebration!

But, it doesn't end there, if you've got the results now you have to prepare for university!

So, if you've got the grades to be off to uni this September, I've got some words of advice...learn to cook now!

Over the next month I'm going to do roughly a post every two days with tips on what you can be doing now to make eating at university healthy, tasty, and cheap! No pot-noodles for you! You will be the envy of everyone in your halls!

So please do pop back and check out my words of almost-wisdom. The fun begings here!

CONGRATULATIONS once again, and I hope you enjoy my blog.


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