Sunday, 30 October 2011

Halloween Cookie Creations!

Halloween is just one sleep away and I am fully prepared for my Halloween party!!! Well almost...aside making the blood punch...getting dressed up...and buying sweets for the trick or treaters...but that's not the point!

Pumpkin is carved, and the cookies are done!

I chose a really simple egg free sugar cookie recipe, and after buying some £1 Halloween cutters from wilkos was ready to quite literally roll out the dough and get cooking!

The icing was the fun part...I'm not going to lie! With a box of Silver Spoon Royal Icing Powder and by watching the tutorials by The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle you cannot go wrong!

Since following her blog for just under a month, I have become OBSESSED! And will be honing my icing skills over Christmas - if you know me personally...expect a jar of Christmas cookies when I see you around the festive season!

My favourite icing tip however came from this website: Karen's - all you need is an icing bag...and some cling me this little tip is a godsend if you hate washing out icing bags!

So without further a do, here are my cookies and sugar cookie recipe!
 Halloween, Baking, Cookies, Biscuits, American, Royal Icing
(Makes 20 medium-large cookies)


  1. Love the Halloween cookies! They look adorable!

  2. We will be making some of these tomorrow. Thank you! Though we have no royal icing powder so the kids will have to settle for plain. Hope they go down well :)

  3. Good luck Laura, be prepared to get sticky :D They are certainly lots of fun to make! Can't wait to see pics of the finished result :)

  4. WOW these cookies turned out great.



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