Saturday, 31 December 2011

After Dinner Cupcakes

At Christmas we get through a mountain of After Eights and Matchmakers. Everyone loves a dark chocolate filled with mint after their dinner. So when we ran out, I though why not make an after dinner cupcake! A chocolate bun with peppermint icing and sprinkled candy cane on top!

By tweaking a standard cupcake recipe I was able to make these delicious after dinner cupcakes!


My biggest tip with these cakes would be to not be too heavy handed on the peppermint essence! In the first batch I put in far too much and ended up with tooth paste cakes! Fortunately the fluffy moist chocolate bun made up for it, but you want a subtle minty flavour, not one that over powers the whole cake!

Why not take these to a New Years Eve party tonight?

Enjoy! Cake, Cupcakes, Chocolate, Mint, Christmas



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