Tuesday, 6 March 2012

The Rainbow Cookbook: Raspberry Tart

As many of my followers on twitter and facebook will probably know I’ve been in the kitchen experimenting with pink recipes all weekend! And I can now reveal what I have been SLAVING over!

A no-bake Raspberry tart!
So why have I been experimenting with pink recipes? I am one of six bloggers who is taking part in the Appliances British Ovens Rainbow Cookbook, where, along with six other bloggers we will be blogging different recipes relating to a colour of the rainbow. My colour is pink and my pink ingredient is raspberries!

This recipe is extremely simple and EXTREMELY tasty!
Here’s the recipe:

This will cost you, based on Asda's own brand unless otherwise specified:
Raspberries £2, Cream Cheese 68p, Whipping Cream 50p, Icing sugar 22p, Flour 5p, Margarine 13p, Water FREE, Chocolate 18p.

Total: £3.76

If you want to cheat by buying a ready-made pastry case (that’s yours and my little secret!)

If you're interested in the other recipes in this series you can find them here!

@Verygoodrecipes.com: Dessert, Tart, Shortcrust, Pastry, Raspberry, Cream cheese

Disclosure: I was paid to develop this recipe.


  1. OMG this looks so good, I am salivating. Husband just looked over at the laptop and went 'wow'. I think I'm going to be asked to make this soon...

  2. Did you get a chance to make it? If not I think you should get him to make it for you :D Leave the laptop open on the page? Haha! It really is a treat! xx



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