Friday, 20 April 2012

Oreo 'Cookies and Cream' Cupcakes

Uh oh I’ve jumped on the bandwagon again, given in, and made Oreo cupcakes! I’m sure most of you in the baking blog world have seen Oreo cupcakes, Oreo whoopie pies, Oreo brownies, giant Oreos, Oreo celebration cakes, Oreo cake pops and much, much more! Now I love Oreos as much as the next person but I have to admit I rarely eat biscuits so they’re not a staple in my house. Nonetheless they were on offer in Tesco’s and I thought I’d take the humble Oreo to the next level and bake with it!

I decided that I would do one cake with an Oreo in the bottom and another one which used crushed up Oreos as chocolate chips in the cake batter. That way, when you took a cake you never knew which one you would get – a new Oreo experience every time. Plus, when making the first batch, I soon realised that there was a lot of leftover Oreo pieces that I didn’t want to chuck in the bin (or gobble all by myself!)

So, if you’re a big Oreo fan, or if you’ve never had one before, I’m sure you’ll fall in love with both of my Oreo Cookies and Cream cupcakes – the perfect balance of vanilla cream and bitter chocolate in sweet cakey form.

Perhaps before giving you the recipes I should introduce you to the humble Oreo. Essentially it is two chocolate wafers (biscuits) separated by a cream filling. You can also get a chocolate cream filling. Believe it or not, the cookie has been around since 1912!!! And unsurprisingly is the best selling cookie in the US! They were first introduced to the UK in just 2008 and were originally only stocked in Sainsburys. If you’re lucky, you may find an Oreo Krushem or Oreo McFlurry in a KFC or McDonalds near you!

In the meantime, you’ll just have to stick to making your own Oreo Cookies and Cream Cupcakes. Here are the recipes.

As you can see from this recipe you take one of the wafers off so that the crème filling is directly touching the cake batter. This makes for a deliciously sweet bottom to the cake but means that you have some biscuit bits left over. Also I chose to cut my Oreo’s off just below the word “Oreo” in the middle of the cookie before topping the cakes with them.
I used all of these leftover bits for the next recipe.

This was actually most people’s favourite out of the two cupcakes. Although the first recipe most definitely has the ‘wow’ or ‘novelty’ factor, everyone loves a chocolate chip cake and the biscuit pieces throughout the cake batter work really well! I’d definitely recommend you give this recipe a go as well!

As for decorating, I decided to do what I call “cloud icing” where you simply use a large circle nozzle and swirl it upwards giving a fluffy appearance. On some I chose to crumble more Oreo pieces rather than “dip” a whole Oreo into the butter cream, but of course you can decorate them as you wish! If you do use one of these decorating methods, the whole pack of Oreos should still be plenty!

So there we go; two delicious takes on the Oreo Cookies and Cream Cupcake recipe!!! Luckily for me I have a whole pack of Oreo’s leftover as I didn’t need half as many as I’d bought! So I’ll have Oreo’s coming out of my ears for the next week or so!

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  1. I've picked up a packet of Oreo's too as I have also jumped on the bandwagon to make similar cakes. Fab inspiration.

  2. These look yummy!
    Controversial confession: I don't really like Oreos!
    These look like they're definitely worth a try though :D


    1. I have to admit they're not my "go-to" biscuit...that would be a bourbon...or a custard cream haha! But these really are delicious!!!



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