Monday, 4 June 2012

Miniature Carrot Cakes

Cake, cake and more cake...I have been swimming in cake batter the last couple of days! First was the bake-a-thon as I baked enough cakes to keep the birthday boy’s office happy, next I made a Red Velvet birthdaycake for Jon, and then last but not least, I made some miniature carrot cakes for afternoon tea at my Grandma’s with my Grandad, parents, and Aunty Lynne!

I thought doing miniature versions of a classic would give them a contemporary edge, and I also added a few extra chopped nuts and raisins to give the recipe a revival!
The best part though has to be the little carrots on top. Unfortunately I can’t take the credit for these, but I discovered recently that most of the supermarkets (at least Asda and Sainsburys) do their own little carrots perfect for decorating carrot cakes! Their ranges are really improving week on week!!!

If you’d like to give these cute little cakes a go for a tea party near you, I’d also recommend trying to get some miniature loaf cases (again many of the supermarkets stock them) but they would look equally cute as cupcakes.

You can also find this recipe as part of Family Friendly Fridays!! 

This month it is being hosted by Solange at Pebble Soup!


  1. They look so cute! I love the little loaf tins!

  2. Hi, these little versions are just so lovely, would you consider linking them to Pebble Soup's hosting event I'd love to add them to the round up

  3. Thanks hebivorseheaven! I was really happy when I found them :) a new favourite for sure!

    And Solane, I'd love to!!! I'll add it now :)



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