Monday, 16 July 2012

Gooseberry Crumble

Despite being a foodie for almost ALL of my life, fearlessly trying anything my Dad ever put in front of me and hanging off of his apron strings in the kitchen, there are still a few foods that have managed to elude me until recently, gooseberries being one of them!

My parents LOVE gooseberries, and a few years ago decided, that rather than visiting the local fruit farm every week to get their gooseberry fix that they should plant their own bush in the garden! Last year we had a huge gooseberry crop and my parents were soon asking me to whisk up various gooseberry filled dishes. You may remember that I posted a recipe for gooseberry fool, and even won a competition over for baking Gooseberry and Elderflower Butterfly Cakes!

We picked our first punnet off of our gooseberry bush just last week, and once again I was faced with the challenge of coming up with something delicious! This time, I decided to embrace the tartness of the gooseberry but top it with a rich, gooey, yet crunchy crumble top.

You can make this recipe either in individual ramekins or as one big crumble to feed a hungry family, it will work just as well no matter what, but either way the quantities below should happily feed a family of four.

When I was younger I was probably put off by the strange little hairy fruits, but I wish I’d tried them sooner and I think this dish makes them accessible for anyone who hasn’t tried them before!

Top tip: the crumble topping can be stored in the freezer in bags so don't worry if you've made too much!

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