Thursday, 16 August 2012

[Healthy Version] Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas and Tartar Sauce

There are some meals, that will always be nostalgic, they will always be comforting, and remind us of happy times. Fish and chips for me, is one of those meals and for two reasons.

Firstly, it reminds me of countless holidays to Cornwall and day trips to the coast – without a doubt, we would end the day watching the sunset tucking into fish and chips on the beach.

It also reminds me of my Nan. Every Friday when we were little her and my Grandad would come round for dinner: one week she would cook, the other we would get fish and chips from the local chippy!

Are ALL happy memories linked to food?

But let’s face it there is enough grease in the average portion of fish and chips to give you heart disease just by looking at them! Ok...maybe that’s an exaggeration. And, if it so concerns you, cod is one of the most overfished fish stocks in the North Sea! So, it’s probably not ideal to be eating too much of it. Instead, for this recipe why not pick something like pollack or coley, both of which are from the cod family! You can check out other Sustainable Tips at the Hugh’s Fish Fight Website.

Now, when most recipes are given a makeover they just leave out all the good can probably tell my fish won’t be covered in batter, but I’ve also whipped up healthier versions of creamy tartar sauce, and mushy peas, so you can have your fish and chips with all of the trimmings.

I promise you this recipe will be much lighter on your lips and on your hips, and taste delicious, even without all of the grease. I'm particularly proud of the super silky tartar sauce that really packs a punch.

It’s just a shame that you can’t eat this on the beach...

If you like this healthy version, why not check out my healthier version of ham, egg and chips.

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