Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Spooky Rocky Road Bars

It’s Halloween and despite feeling rather pants due to a sinus infection (boo hoo) I am very excited! We still get a lot of trick or treaters, so forgetting the fact that I have ZERO spooky plans tonight, I will be enjoying giving sweeties to all the cute kids in my street! Hopefully the obligatory spooky films will also be on TV so I won’t feel like I am completely missing out – I remember when I was younger that channel 4 would always air Hocus Pocus! An absolute classic!
I have still yet to carve my pumpkins too. That’s right pumpkins – plural. Jon’s Dad bought us one to carve and so did mine, so it will be battle of the pumpkins later this evening! Until then though, I’m continuing to get in the Halloween mood by doing Halloween Themed Bakes like these Spooky Road bars.

I must admit, I had NEVER made rocky road until yesterday. I have most certainly eaten my fair share but had never actually made it myself and now I am wondering why on earth not! It was so quick, so easy, so adaptable and so rich and yummy – what’s not to love. I had my first foray with shortbread last week, and I only first made flapjacks in my last year of university! I am starting to question what kind of childhood I actually had?!
Now, I bet you’re wondering what exactly makes these rocky road bars spooky. Well, as I said, rocky road is extremely adaptable, so adapt them is exactly what I did. In the spook road mix, you will not only find the regular digestive biscuits, but also gruesome blood red cherries which ooze with red goo, but also chewy ghosts and ghouls floating out of the bars instead of the usual marshmallows. I also topped mine with some ectoplasm (that’s green icing to you and me) to give them a bit of extra colour!

I had to use Haribo ghosts and ghouls as unfortunately I couldn’t find any Halloween themed marshmallows in the UK that didn’t have to be first imported from America. So if you’re one of my lovely readers from the US, make the most of your amazing selection of Halloween marshmallows and replace the Haribo with them instead!

Pricing (based on Asda’s own unless otherwise specified):
Dark chocolate 60p, milk chocolate 30p, glace cherries £1.30, digestive biscuits 12p, Lyles golden syrup 30p, butter 49p, Haribo 30p
Total: £3.41
Per bar: 22p
So, seeing as I will be staying in, nursing a sinus infection and eating all of the trick or treaters’ sweets, what will you be doing this evening for Halloween? Any spooky plans?!


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