Friday, 15 February 2013

Cheese and Ham Muffins

Hands up. Who here enjoys a savoury muffin as much as a sweet Didn't think so.

Now I know that when it comes to food I'm a bit of an anomaly. Often the foods most people hate, I can't get enough off and my flavour and texture combinations can be a bit experimental. Now I'm not saying there's anything 'Heston-Blumenthal-crazy' about these muffins (quite the opposite, they make so much sense!) But, the first time I served up a savoury muffin as the token-carb allongside dinner, I did a few funny looks.

To most people - kids and adults alike - muffins are sweet treats. This recipe however breaks the mould combining doughy sustinance with oozing cheese and salty ham. Sounds good right?!

But what do you do with a savoury muffin I hear you ask. Well believe it not they are a great snack to nibble alongside your afternoon cup of tea. Go on, I dare you, swap the double-choc for the double cheese!

Just imagine biting into the satisfyingly crisp outside of the muffin, the soft centre with pockets of warm gooey cheese (I'm assuming you lack self control, and like me are eatingvthem straight from the oven). The little green flecks remind you that the courgette is one of your five a day! (Sort of.) And the hint of mustard powder balances perfectly with the salty ham making these an "adult" treat that doesn't involve alcohol for once...

But thats not where their versatility ends. They're also great to serve allongside soup, a really deep and creamy tomato soup!

And why not pop them into your kinds lunch boxes? Two small muffins to replace the boring old sandwhich will go down a treat! (Why not pop the rest in your handbag for lunch...)

So what are you waiting for?! Why aren't you cooking these bad boys right now!

Well I guess first things first you'll be needing the recipe...


  1. I like savoury muffins as well, in fact I like anything that has cheese in it so these are a winner for me! :)

    1. Haha that sounds about right! Cheese makes everything ten times better :) I'd have a cheese fondue over a chocolate one any day :P

  2. We love savoury muffins (& sweet!)yours look great, have a look at mine at - mozzarella is fab in savoury muffins

  3. Thanks! Yours look scrummy too! I must admit I've never tried mozzarella in a muffin before. I bet it tastes delicious though :) will have to give these a go.

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