Thursday, 7 March 2013

[Mother's Day] Lemon and Passion fruit Swiss Roll

Mothering Sunday (aka Mothers Day) is just around the corner. What are you doing for your Mum this year?

In the UK Mothering Sunday is celebrated on the fourth Sunday in Lent. This means that it usually falls somewhere from the middle of March until the beginning of April. In 2013 Easter is really early so this year Mothers Day is Sunday the 10th of March. That’s right not very long away at all!
The Mothers Day Gift and Card industry in the UK alone is worth millions (in recent years sales have pushed over the £1billion mark), and year on year flowers are the most popular gift. According to the Experian website the people of Stevenage (that’s me, that’s me! Look it up on a map!) are most likely to visit Flowers websites in March in the run up to Mother’s Day. could go down the route of buying some flowers, a card with some sort of cute fuzzy animal on the front, or perhaps buy her some slippers, make up or other beauty products, OR you could put your purse away and make your Mum something nice for Mother’s Day!
In the past I’ve made all sorts. Last my sister and I made a photo book (a bit like a scrap book) of all of our favourite pictures from her birthday – it had been the big 50! Now she’s got some wonderful memories all in one place – much better than a bunch of flowers...

BUT, this is a food blog after all so I’m going to put to you, the proposition that you make your Mum something delicious for Mother’s Day.
Why not take the Roast Dinner off of your Mum’s hands? If you follow my perfectly timed instructions for this Pork Roast with Apples and Cider gravy you can’t go wrong!

Or, if your Mum is like mine, why not bake her this delicious Swiss Roll. It’s made from a fat-less sponge (meaning the only fat found in it comes from the eggs, there’s no butter in this recipe!) and has a creamy centre made with the tangy yet sweet pulp of the passion fruit.
My Mum loves nothing better than the sit in our lounge with some cake, a cup of tea and good conversation – so that is what I’ll be giving her this Mother’s Day!

If you want to treat your Mum to a swiss roll too, here’s my recipe:

Do you prefer homemade gifts around Mother's and Father's day? Or perhaps you prefer them all year round? What have you made your Mum in the past?

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