Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Parmesan and Herb Crusted Cod with Garlic Vine Tomatoes and Roasted New Potatoes

Parmesan and herb crusted cod served with extra green veg
Happy Wednesday eveyone!
- I'm saying that sarcastically. Can you tell?
On Monday it seems l set myself up for a bit of a fall. With all the best intentions in the world l said that on Wednesdays l would try to keep posting my recently developed recipes.
Low and behold just two days later when l should be writing up my latest post, I'm in the office working late.
I'm not going to complain though, l get paid 1.5x my hourly rate AND there's a special cupboard that gets opened at 6:30 full of sweets, fizzy drinks, biscuits and more!
l need to make the most if it because when l'm a trainee many of these perks will disappear.
A bit of local history
- Check out the inscription -
"Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Association"
I love Smithfields!
BUT less about work. l may have struggled to get pen to paper but I've still had plenty of time to cook!
Some of you will already be familliar with my healthy fish and chips. This is an evolution of that same dish!
The idea is that the flavour of the bread crumbs is ramped up with lashings of parmesan and traditionally ltalian herbs. The health factor comes from the oven roasted vine tomatoes cooked with garlic (which is great for your heart) and olive oil, one of the so called good fats.
No meal would be complete - or should l say balanced - without some carbs so the fish is lovingly served up with new potatoes roasted in the oven.
Have you noticed the real selling point of this meal yet though? It all just goes in the oven.
No pots and pans or complicated techniques!
And that's why this is a fab mid-week meal!


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