Sunday, 29 September 2013

Supper in the Suburbs

I hope you’re sitting down: I’ve got some news.

At the beginning October I will be moving the blog from Kitchen Goddess (in training!) hosted by blogger to Supper in the Suburbs, hosted by Wordpress.

The decision to move wasn’t an easy one – I’ve been told that it’s rather unusual to move from blogger to Wordpress as blogger has so many more features but I feel for me and the blog it makes much more sense to strip down and keep things simple.

Many of you will know that I started this blog whilst I was in the second year of university. I loved cooking but wasn’t particularly skilled or accomplished. I tried creating beginner friendly recipes that wouldn’t break the bank and wouldn’t lead to you piling on the pounds.

As the months and years went on my own personal circumstances have changed. I went from a naive student to a confident finalist before moving back home having graduated. Returning to my parent’s home meant unlimited stocks in the kitchen cupboards along with a fair few challenges like finding the time to take over the kitchen (and who was responsible for clearing up the mess). I also began studying the LPC in London which meant meals out became just as frequent as meals in.

3 years after I first started writing I now work as a Corporate Paralegal in the City and in just another 3 months I will finally embark on my training contract – this training contract will be the last hurdle between me and fully-qualified solicitor status. I’ve also just moved to Southgate in North London with my partner Jon, and for the first time I have a kitchen all to myself!

 Bearing all of this in mind I felt it was finally time to move blog. I’ll be taking all of my old posts with me but I’ll now be blogging under the name ‘Supper in the Suburbs.

I’ll be sharing plenty of recipes for breakfast lunch and dinner, sweat treats, weekend baking, edible gifts and more as well as sharing my tips for entertaining friends and family, keeping kitchen in order and stocking the cupboards.

It’s been a fun three years and I’ve met lots of wonderful people but it’s important to remember this isn’t goodbye! You can all come and chat to me over at the new blog and I’ll be keeping the same twitter and instagram accounts so hopefully the move won’t be too painful for you guys.

If you follow me over to my new home please do drop by and say hi so I know you’re still with me.

Hopefully the next few years will bring new blogging challenges but will also help both the blog and I to continue to grow!

See you all soon!

Emmyw (Kitchen Goddess – no longer in training!)

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