Saturday, 30 April 2011

BBQ'd Sea Bass with New Potatoes - AKA Exam Brain Food!

With 3 weeks to go until my 2nd year law exams, the only part of the day where I get to relax is when I'm cooking dinner. As promised, today I cooked some "brain food" - sea bass!

( students...I know we can't usually afford sea bass! If you do need brain food on the cheap, go to Asda's in store fish monger, for just £1 you can get a variety of fish fillets, for example my favourite is their mackerel fillet with chili and garlic! In BBQ season they also do a trout stuffed with pea, mint and feta all for £1!!!)

If you don't fancy using Asda's cheap and yummy cheats, this is how to do it yourself!!!

Sea Bass with New Potatoes


For the Sea Bass:

Sea bass

For the New Potatoes:

New Potatoes
Olive Oil


When you buy the fish make sure the head's lopped off, and the guts have been taken out, or you're going to have a mess on your hands!!!

Put a few blobs of butter in the cavity, some sprigs of thyme (cut off your windowsill plant of course!), and a wedge of lemon.

Put it on a big bit of foil, then put more butter on top. Squeeze another wedge of lemon over the top. Pop a few more sprigs of time on, leave the half squeezed wedge by the tail and wrap up in a big parcel. Easy peasy!

For the new potatoes chop them in half, crush two cloves of garlic over them, drizzle on some olive oil and then sprinkle on top some finely chopped chives (again from your windowsill plant!)

Wrap these up in another bundle of foil and they're all ready for the BBQ!

The Sea bass only takes 5mins or so, you don't want to overcook it! The potatoes on the other hand take between 20 and 30mins. Just give them a poke to check they're soft! These are the most surprising thing I've ever BBQ'd as they are full of flavour and have a nice crispy outside almost like a roast potato!!!)

We served this with other BBQ'd veg such as corn on the cob, asparagus (which gets an AMAZING woody flavour on the BBQ), courgette and sweet peppers!

Cous cous is equally nice to serve with BBQ'd fish!

To all of those enjoying the early summer sun this fish recipe is a MUST! And for those students out there studying hard, do check out the ASDA fish fillets if this is out of your price range as they are brilliant to give you a boost before exams!



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  2. Emmy, I'm in my second year too! Good luck with your exams! I think I need some fish right now for brain food :)



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