Thursday, 5 May 2011

Crunchy Italian Cheese Salad

Summer’s on its way and that means one thing! Yummy salads!

A salad will NEVER fill you up on a winters day, but in the summer a salad is the perfect dish to keep you going throughout the day and as I’ve said many times, they really don’t have to be boring!

This is my Crunchy Italian Cheese Salad:


Italian Hard Cheese (if you don’t fancy splashing the cash any cheese will do! The more mature the better as you’ll need less – now that’s value for money!)

Bag of crunchy salad – Sainsbury’s sell one with iceburg lettuce with white and red cabbage, tesco’s bag is similar with grated carrot too!

Baby Sweetcorn
Spring onion

Pumpkin seeds (best crunchy salad extra EVER, who needs unhealthy fried cruttons when you could have pumpkin seeds?!)
Black pepper

Olive oil


Toss all of the ingredients in a bowl. Make a dressing out of half a lemon and good slug of olive oil. Season with pepper, then using a potato peeler...that’s right...a potato peeler, shave your cheese on to your salad, and enjoy!

(Green Chai seen in the picture is optional, but delicious!)

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