Friday, 26 August 2011

Fresher's Foodie Tip #4 - Economy Ranges

Economy/basics ranges are your friends!
Even as someone who LOVES food, and always tries to seek out the bets quality some instances, there is no reason why you shouldn't opt for economy! They really don’t taste any worse! It’s not the price it’s what you do with it that matters!!!
For example...

You COULD by £1.50 worth of Warburton’s loaf, OR you could spend 30p on Tesco’s own?
Same with basic’s veg – what makes a vegetable “basic” is that it doesn’t conform to being perfectly round, or its slightly too big, or too small...they taste the same!

6p Basics jelly is also a god send! One pack can make six cups of jelly! 1p for a dessert or 0.5p per alcoholic jelly shot...whichever way you look at it it’s good value!
Reduced sections are also awesome!!! You can find some pretty expensive stuff going for cheap just because it has got a slightly knocked box. Food that’s close to its sell by will be reduced, just make sure you have it for dinner tonight!

The only time I would recommend staying away from basics/economy ranges is with meat. Cheap meat is bad for a number of reasons, including your health (it's pumped full of rubbish, think saline solution).

Make meat a treat and buy the more expensive ranges when you can.

In the meantime use my vegetarian recipes, or check out my Best Budget Recipes, for cheap eats!


  1. 30 p for bread?? Haha I am always shocked at how cheap food is in the UK.

    If you are ever in Ireland, wander around a Tesco. The difference is completely insane

  2. Oh my gosh? Even in a Tesco!? I don't know how they justify it!!!



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