Friday, 7 October 2011

Oaty Apple Crumble

Autumn has finally arrived! The leaves are falling from the trees, wooly jumpers are being worn, and yummy warm soup is filling my tummy at lunchtimes! But, when I get home after a hard days work, and I've whipped up a dinner, there's just one more things that makes an Autumn day complete...Oaty Apple Crumble!

This isn't quite your traditional apple crumble, with the toppoing including porridge oats which makes it slightly crispier and more of a dense, gooey yummy crumble topping! Best served with a huge dollop of 0% fat 'Total' Yogurt for guilt free pleasure, or ice-cream if you're feeling naughty!

Here's my recipe:


  1. I swear the main reason my housemates love me is apple crumble! Haha.
    I always put oats in too, good for you and yummy!


  2. Haha it is definitely the way to any housemates heart! Especially when you don't have enough money for the heating!!!



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