Thursday, 24 November 2011

Beef Chilli

Any students out there in need of a winter warmer? Then this chilli is for you! If you like it hot, turn up the heat and add more chilli, if you like it cool, why not serve with a dollop of sour cream?

You may notice that the recipe does not include kidney beans, and that instead I used borlotti beans. Personally I think these make the chilli even tastier and now I've started using them I certainly won't be going back!

After being blown away by just how delicious they were (and in anticipation of writing this post) I thought I'd do a little bit of research about them, and I found out that they are actually a variety of kidney bean! Who would've thought!!!

Their flavour is nutty and they have a creamy texture. Apparently they are more commonly used in Italian and Portuguese cusine, but they worked perfectly in this chilli!

Of course I won't be offended if you go back to the standard kidney bean! 

My favourite thing about this recipe however is not just how delicious the beans make it, but how versatile it is. I've already made suggestions for turning up (or down) the heat, but it can also be served in a variety of ways.

This Guy Fawkes Night a made dinner for my mum, dad, sister, boyfriend and house mate, and served this chilli inside warmed taco shells! I've never seen plates left so clean!!! Last night I served it with fluffy white rice, but tonight I will be having it with a jacket potato and salad!

Bear in mind if you are someone who lives on your own this will serve two. It's a brilliant dish for batch cooking and you can either leave some for the next day, alternatively it freezes really well.

Here's the recipe...

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