Thursday, 17 November 2011

Stuffed Aubergines with Bechamel Sauce

This has to be one of my favourtie recipes! Pefect for sharing with someone special, this dish is quick and easy to make at the same time as being very very tasty.

Sometimes it can be hard when you look in your fridge/freezer to come up with new and interesting ideas. You see a bag of mince and shpeherds pie/spag bol/lasagne springs to mind. When you see an aubergine it screams curry or mousakka! This is a twist on a few of these recipes to create something new!

This dish is extremely versatile - for example I've mentioned if you're a vegetarian you can easily replace the mince for veggie mince (the one in the pictures is actually made with veggie mince!), and if you don't have time to make a bechamel sauce you can use a jar.
If you do fancy attemption your own though there's a really simple recipe on BBC Good Food.

This is also a brilliant way of introducing people to aubergine if they have not had it before!

Enjoy! Aubergine, Bechamel Sauce, Mince, Beef, Mushroom, Onion


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