Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Home-made Fish Fingers

When most people think of fish fingers they think of tasteless rectangles covered in a strange orange breadcrumb that people unfortunately feed their kids!

Well...think again! These fish fingers are for grown-ups only!

You can choose any type of fish you like (I chose trout) and you can control the amount of fat and salt in them for a healthier alternative.

On Hugh's Fish Fight they made a similar fish finger bap with mackerel so don't be scared to try different types of fish - you most definitely do not have to stick with cod!

This recipe is extremely simple, so there really is no excuse to not give these a go. My only tip would be not to confuse cornflakes for frosties! Make sure the cereal you use has not been coated in sugar first or it may not taste quite how you expect! If you don't fancy using cornflakes you can always use breadcrumbs instead.

I think they are delicious in a wholemeal bap with lots of lettuce and a squirt of ketchup - and peas of course, you can't have fish fingers without peas! But I'll leave the serving suggestion up to you.

Here's the recipe:

Fish Fingers Fish, Cod, Trout, Fish fingers, Wholemeal Bap, Peas



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