Sunday, 12 February 2012

Valentine's Day Cupcakes

Are you unsure of how to say 'I Love You' this Valentine's Day?

Is the amazing Joseph and Joseph Baking Gift Set a little out of your price range?

Well then why not bake your loved one a present this Valentine's Day!

You will need this fairy cake recipe, some strawberry or (if you're feeling really fancy) rose flavoured icing, a few romantic sweeties and an icing bag!

For really professional results you will need a Wilton 1M tip...unfortunately this is a fact of life. Wilton 1M rules!

First of all you will want to bake your cakes following the recipe linked above. Leave these to cool for at least 15minutes before you try to ice them or you'll end up with a melty gooey mess!

While they're cooling start mixing your icing! Here's the recipe:

Now you're ready to start icing!

At a 45 degree angle to the cake start piping out your icing. Follow the outer edge of the cake then swirl in to the middle.

When you are ready to finish on your last squeeze of the bag push down, stop squeezing, then pull the bag up leaving a little peak.

It doesn't matter too much how the middle looks for these cakes as now it's time to decorate with sweets!

I chose to place a love heart with a cute message, or gummy hearts in the middle of mine!

Jonny joined in too and got a bit carried away with his sweets! It's the thought that counts!

Who could be disappointed with a home made cupcake on valentines day! Perhaps you could even personalise them using writing icing.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!


  1. Thank you for the cakes you sent with Jonny! They were delicious! :) It's kind of funny looking at your blog and thinking "ooh I ate that cake!" lol. Yummy! Thanks x

  2. Glad you all liked them :D xx

  3. Those look absolutely delicious!! Gr8 blog :)

    Do drop by my space sometime. Happy Cooking!


    1. Thanks Rosh! Feel free to follow me (the links at the side) so that you get all of my updates :)
      Em x



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