Friday, 18 May 2012

Pineapple Tea Cake

I wouldn't say I've ever particularly been someone "with a sweet tooth," and as I've got older I've most definitely not needed as many sugar-y treats. As I child I wasn't sweetie or chocolate crazy and would probably pick a hunk of real bread and a bit of cheese over a biscuit any day. Cheese has always been my thing, now that’s a treat! That’s not to say I wasn’t a normal kid though – I was always allowed a small bag of sweets from the Pic ‘n’ Mix every Friday, and I was a big Coke drinker (though the diet caffeine free version of course). But, that was all I needed.

I think my Mum and Dad were always a little disappointed in a way at how every Easter I would get a crazy amount of chocolate (the joys of a big family!) and it would take my FOREVER to eat it! I’m not going to lie to you, despite being 21 I still get a crazy amount of chocolate at Easter – apparently “I am happy not having an egg this year” means, we must buy her an Easter egg!!!!!! The last two years, I have actually had to throw chocolate away because it is chocolate I got the year before! Now I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I just can’t eat that many sweet things! There is a time and a place.

For me, that time and a place is at the end of a good SAVOURY meal! There’s nothing better than having a delicious starter and main course then rounding it off with something sweet to finish. Which when you’re on a diet can pose a problem...

There’s something about being on a diet that suddenly makes me crave something sweet at the end of even the most ordinary of dinners. I think it’s something psychological, that once you’ve had dessert there’s nothing more to come. So, by eating a healthy-ish dessert after your meal stops you snacking on naughty things later in front of the TV! That’s my excuse anyways...

Now this bake is definitely lower in fat than your average cake. It is egg free, and doesn’t contain any butter/margarine, so the only “naughty things” are the sugar, and any fat from the milk you put in – but that comes with the added bonus of calcium so we can let that one slide! The idea came from the low fat apple tea cake – I made roughly a year ago. This version is slightly different being completely egg free, but that just means that more people can enjoy it! (If you’re interested in other low fat bakes, why not check out my almost-fat-free banana bread as well!)

This cake is perfect for as a healthier-option at the end of a nice meal, this tea cake is delicious. It is dense but in a gooey caramelised pineapple kind of way, and best served hot with a dollop of fat free Greek yogurt – if you’re feeling a little cheeky a drizzle of honey won’t hurt either!

Enjoy! pineapple, cake, healthy, healthy bake, egg-free


  1. What a lovely and healthy recipe! Thank you for sharing. I love desserts that aren't too sweet...especially when pineapple is the main ingredient.

  2. Hi Monetm thanks for leaving a link to your page. I'll check it out! This is definitely a winner if you're a fan of pineapple, DELISH!



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