Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Gourmet Tuna Pasta Bake

Pasta bake is one of those dishes that everyone seems to associate with students...it might be the lazy pleasure of hearing that pasta sauce jar pop as your take off its lid, or the fact that if you’re willing to wait a little longer...you don’t even have to pre-cook your pasta! That’s one less pan to wash up!

I’m not going to lie, I’ve taken the pasta bake route many a time in my uni career, and with my uni career coming to an end in just a week, I’m not ready to give them up just yet! So, I set myself the challenge of a gourmet pasta bake, fit for the lawyer I am going to become!

If you though pasta bakes were for lazy people on a student’s budget, think again! The pasta bake is back and it is better than ever!

My favourite things about this recipe have to be that you can enjoy it almost guilt free! The tuna is an excellent source of...NUTRITION, and you can pack it full of plenty of veg’s so you will undoubtedly get a huge chunk of your recommended 5 a day!

For those of you who want to make this dish a little healthier, you can buy low carb pasta from companies such as Dreamfields, replace the crème fraiche with low fat crème fraiche, and use an oil spray to minimise oil content when frying off your garlic. You can also leave off the cheese!

For those of you living alone this is also a great dish to re-heat as it doesn’t lose any taste or quality the second time round. Halve the recipe and you can save half the dish for dinner tomorrow! Just place it in the oven for roughly 10mins with or until its bubbling and piping hot! (If you’re feeling naughty why not place some extra cheese on top.)

With such a hearty dish full of goodness you can’t go wrong.

Pricing (based on Asda’s own unless otherwise specified):

Creme fraiche 38p, baby sweetcorn 75p, pepper 35p, passata 31p, mushrooms 40p, beef tomato 27p, leek 15p, pasta £1, garlic 5p, tuna 95p, seasoning 1p

Total = £4.62

Per portion = £1.16
@Verygoodrecipes.com: tuna, pasta, tomato, creme fraiche, mushroom, baby sweetcorn 

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