Friday, 22 June 2012

Currently Craving: Mushrooms (inc Mushroom Risotto recipe)

Welcome to this month's Currently Craving! I have been waiting to do this post for quite a while now: when my parents went on holiday last year they bought me back a mushroom risotto set and ever since I’ve been hooked on the creamy dish! One of my favourite things about mushroom risottos is that you can use a wide variety of mushrooms which means you can almost make a different dish every time.
This week I mainly used chestnut mushrooms which give a really deep and earthy flavour – to balance the dish, I served it with some broccoli and asparagus tips.

The following are some of the more interesting edible varieties of mushroom that you will be able to find in most supermarkets and specialist food shops: chanterelles, shitake, porcini, king oyster – morels and truffles are also from the fungi/mushroom family! All of these mushrooms can bring something extra special to your cooking.
I’ve always been fascinated by the wide variety of mushrooms; their different colours, sizes, shapes and textures. Going on a foraging course with a particular focus on wild mushrooms is something that I really hope to do in the near future! I don’t know however whether I would be able to trust myself even after attending such a course – there are so many varieties that mimic edible varieties but are in fact toxic! It’s a crazy mushroomy world out there. Some “edible” varieties aren’t actually edible unless they have been prepared in a certain way...something else I would hate to get wrong!

But fortunately for us there is a great choice of mushrooms on the high street either fresh or dried so there’s no excuse not to jazz up a risotto, an omelette, your fried brekkie or a steak!
In the meantime...why not try out this recipe for my Mushroom Risotto, serves four.


  1. My boyfriend hates mushrooms so I hardly ever cook with them - I often get a mushroom craving too!

  2. Awww that's a shame! It's hard to just whip up a rissotto for yourself isn't it :P

  3. Hard, but sometimes necessary!

  4. How thoughtful of your parents to buy you a mushroom risotto set. I hope you thanked them for that, Emmyw. :) If you may not know, risotto is one of the most popular dishes in Italian cuisine. Congratulations on making a successful one. Who knows? Maybe you may really have your Italian restaurant one day. :P

    Mack Shepperson

  5. i am a farmer at heart but live in the suburbs. growing these would make this inner farmer very happy.

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