Sunday, 9 September 2012

Blackberry Sticky Buns

Health warning: these are just a little bit naughty and shockingly addictive!
‘Sticky buns’ – not normally a phrase that gets me all excited; cinnamon whirls, and Danish pastries, have never been my thing but when we got our first punnet of late summer blackberries I just wanted to encase them in a sticky dough cover them in sugary goodness and gobble them up for breakfast, lunch and pudding.

Now I understand why people love sticky buns so much! They just ooze naughtiness, their cute swirls and playful, and when they’re filled with fruit you can almost convince yourself all that sugar’s ok because one of your five a day balances it out.

They’re super versatile too. The night I made them we had one each nice and warm, straight from the oven. The next morning I gobbled one while getting ready for work, and soon found myself packing one for work! If you made them dainty enough, I bet they’d work for afternoon tea with friends too.

I may just replace all food substances with these delicious blackberry sticky buns now! That’s a balanced diet right?!

The best thing about these though is that they seem to be fool proof. The dough is simple and quick to make (minus rising time of course) and getting messy is just part of the fun! If you’ve not made a mess, you’re not doing it right that’s my motto.

So if you’re a fan of the cinnamon whirl, or a Danish pastry or two, I recommend you have a blackberry sticky bun, and see if you’re converted over to my side!


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