Thursday, 27 September 2012

Warm Salad Series: Chicory and Fennel Salad with Balsamic Glaze

This is the fourth warm salad in this series. The first week of the series I posted a recipe for a Grilled Nectarine and Goats Cheese Salad, the second saw my honeyed figs with mozzarella and cured ham salad.
Three weeks after this series started, I’m posting a salad where all of the ingredients are griddled together, including the leaves – the warmest of all of the salads yet.

The salad leaves used in this recipe are chicory. This can be bought in most good supermarkets. Its leaves are firm and crisp which means it stands up to the heat of a griddle-pan really well!

For the best results, this salad should be griddled on a high heat, so that the ingredients begin to blacken adding extra flavour!

For the full recipe see below.

Apologies for the poor quality photos, having a few technical problems at present!


  1. Could you make another batch and bring some round Emmy? My mouth is watering.

    1. Haha may be a little bit of a trek all the way to yours :P next time I'm up there though...



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