Sunday, 2 December 2012

6 Weeks of Christmas Linky!

On the 6th week of Christmas my true love sent to me a linky of festive recipes...

Shhhhhh....want to know a secret...rumour has it I’m not the only one planning my Christmas Cooking!

In fact, it seems there are people up and down the country planning everything from their mincemeat, how to decorate their Christmas cake, down to the dishes that will be adorning their table on the big day!

If that’s you, then look no further as I’m bringing you a linky of some of the best Christmas recipes the internet can find. Some can be made weeks in advance; others can be prepared on the day itself.

So look no further for you Christmas Culinary Inspiration!

To be included in the list simply send me an email with the link to the recipe and if you would like, send me a picture to include allongside it. The only rule is that it MUST be Christmas related and I request that you do not spam; the same recipe can only be added once, but you are more than welcome to add more than one different recipe from the same blog.

Please send all emails to and I will create a gallery below. In the email please leave the name of your blog so that I can leave a caption with the photo.


[Due to a few technical hitches the Simply-Linked widget would not work. If you previously attempted to submit using this widget please give me an email and I'll update the list to include your recipe!]

The 6 Weeks of Christmas Linky List:

1. Mincemeat by
Kitchen Goddess (in training)
1. Mincemeat for mince pies
Submitted by Emmyw @ Kitchen Goddess (in training!)

Submitted by Solange @ Pebble Soup

Submitted by Kerry @ Kerry Cooks

8. Festive Red and Green Six Layer Cake
with Cream Cheese Frosting by Kerry Cooks

Submitted by Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

Submitted by Beth @ Jam and Cream

Submitted by Emmyw @ Kitchen Goddess (in training!)

7. Traditional Christmas Cake
by Kitchen Goddess (in training!)
Submitted by Kerry @ Kerry Cooks

Submitted by Kelly @ An American Cupcake in London

Submitted by Choclette @ Chocolate Log Blog

Just 3 weeks to go until the big event! Keep sending me your Christmas Cooking Ideas to be included in the list.

Cranberry and Cinnamon Muffins
from Blue Kitchen Bakes

Submitted by Jen @ Blue Kitchen Bakes

Submitted by Emmyw @ Kitchen Goddess (in training!)
Submitted by Jen @ Blue Kitchen Bakes

14. A twist on the Roulade (Cranberries and Satsumas)
Submitted by Lauren @ A Baked Thesis

15. Christmas Biscuits from
Blue Kitchen Bakes


  1. What a lovely idea, I would love to add my Christmas recipes to your linky! as soon as I know if this ok, I will add the badge and link! Karen

    1. Thanks Karen, I will add it to the list now. This linky is starting to make me very hungry!!!

  2. Great idea. I'm hosting Christmas for my parents for the first year, and since they helped us buy the house that makes itpossible to host, I'd love to make it really special for them

    1. Aww what a lovely idea! Hopefully you'll find a few recipes here that they will enjoy! Good luck!

  3. What a great resource. I'll have to remember to keep checking for updates. I'm now off to compare mincemeat recipes ;-)



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