Saturday, 26 January 2013

Baked Spanish Eggs

As quick as it came, the Shake Up Your Wake Up campaign is almost over and breakfast week will soon be a distant memory…
Ok so there’s probably no need to be quite so dramatic. Especially considering that you’re all going to eat breakfast every day from now on! Right?
The campaign this year has been fab in my opinion, with hundreds and hundreds of people sharing their breakfast pictures every day using the hashtag #breakfastwatch.
I was pretty proud of myself as I managed to send in a picture 5 out of the 7 days! Looking back on the week I had some pretty cool breakfasts!

Monday: Black cherry jam on wholemeal toast
Tuesday: Porridge with berry compote
Thursday: Bacon jam on toast
Friday: Spanish Baked Eggs!
It probably won’t come as a surprise that I won’t be able to keep up that level of variety much longer! With two jars of jam now open in the fridge I’ll probably be living off of jam and toast for the next month or so.
Hopefully you’ve all been just as inspired as me to try to add a bit of variety into your morning routine, so with that in mind I’m going to share with you my Spanish Baked Eggs recipe!
This recipe is guaranteed to put a smile on your face as the little egg yolks look like sun shines in your brekkie bowl (/ramekin!)
They’re also packed full of flavour which is guaranteed to wake you and your taste buds up.

The inspiration for these comes from desire to soak up some summer sun! Over the last few weeks, every day when I have woken up I’ve been met with some form of grey - from freezing fog clouding up my window to blizzards and everything in between. Quite simply it’s been COLD and a little bit dreary. By combining the vibrant colours of bright yellow yolks, rich red tomatoes and green spinach, breakfast is made that little bit more cheerful! The flavours of garlic, tomato and paprika will also transport you to a sunny beach in Spain – metaphorically rather than literally unfortunately…

Total price based on Asda’s own unless otherwise specified:

Free range eggs 34p, spinach 63p, tomatoes 20p, tomato puree 2p, chorizo 35p, paprika 1p, garlic 1p = £1.56

Per serving = 78p!

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