Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Breakfast Detox Smoothie

Diet is a word you will often see on my blog. I come from a very weight conscious family, all of us have struggled with our weight at some point and most of us are healthy but now struggling to keep ourselves this way.

As a result much of my food is cooked with a subconscious desire to make it as low fat as possible. Most of the time this means substituting products such as cream, cheese, yogurt and more, for low or fat free alternatives. It also means choosing leaner cuts of meat – you will find way more turkey and chicken recipes here than you will pork for instance.

Detox however is not a word you will come across here. Until now.

Detox to me has always meant something faddy. Something that celebrities do to shed tens of pounds without even lifting a finger.

I’ve been reassured however that many detoxes do not require you to drink only strange coloured shakes and exercise every hour god sends, but instead many involve simply cutting out processed foods, going for whole grain carbs, and low in fat yet high in protein foods.

Well that’s not so bad after all is it?

With that in mind, I’ve not put myself on a detox this January as such, but I have been following some of the principles many detoxes promote.

Our griddle pan has been getting a lot of use and brown rice is most definitely back on the menu (more on that in a later post...)

I have however taken a liking to the concept of a detox smoothie for breakfast.

This year in my first post for the Shake Up Your Wake Up Campaign I mentioned how I often feel sick after eating in the morning. This is probably a combination of not needing a heavy meal in the mornings, and the fact that once I have eaten breakfast and left the house I then embark on a 40 minute commute including walking up and down millions of steps/escalators. Not a good combination!

It seems however that smoothies are the perfect start of the day for me.

This recipe includes high in fibre fruits, citrus to help cleanse your digestive tract, and oats for extra fibre (and a little more substance for a fuller stomach feeling, we don’t want to be hungry afterall!)

Now ‘detox’ may well just be another buzz word that the wellness industry has made up. But fibre and fruit in your morning meal can’t be a bad thing. What’s more, this tastes delicious! So give it a go! Shake Up Your Wake Up with a detox smoothie and see if you notice the difference.



  1. I can't stand the thought of this for breakfast! No protein, mostly sugar, I'd be starving again in half an hour haha.
    If it works for you, though, then great :D

    1. See I can't stand anything to heavy! The most I cand stand in the morning is fruit and sometimes a small bowl of porridge. This is somewhere in between :p

  2. I love the color of this smoothie. I love drinking morning smoothies, especially if I have a full day ahead of me - filled with meetings, long trips and long hours of staring at the computer screen.

    Joseph Carr

    1. It is nice to inject a bit of colour into life isn't it :) I'm working on a mango smoothie now for a bit of sunshine :D



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