Friday, 11 January 2013

Chocolate and Marshmallow Pillow Cake

Christmas may have been and gone but for my family the celebrations are only just beginning... on the 1st of January it is mine and Jon’s anniversary, on the 9th of January we have my Mum’s birthday, the 13th of January is the birthday of cousin Harrison, and niece Phoebe, my birthday is on the 16th and my cousins Anthony and Billy have birthday a week and a half after that!

With so many birthdays crammed in to one month it means just one thing; a lot of cake!
As my Mum’s birthday was the first of the birthdays, it was up to me to bake her cake. I’m always keen to try something new when it comes to cooking, but I also have to be conscious of who I’m cooking for. In the past I tried a very American Red Velvet and Cream Cheese Frosting Cake which my family and friends found a little too sweet. Everyone enjoyed it but only wanted half the slice they normally would. With this in mind I decided to stick to a tried and tested chocolate sponge recipe, but I combined this with marshmallow crème.

The rich depth of dark chocolate perfectly balanced the sweet marshmallow crème. The crumbled biscuit topping also added extra texture which made for an all round cake.

But, how do you really know a cake is something special? Your guests go back for more! With a cake that can serve 16 being demolished by just 12, it seems clear that rich and moist chocolate sponge, topped with sticky gooey marshmallow crème is a winning combination!
So to make this cake...

You can find the recipes for the chocolate sponge and the marshmallow creme here...just keep scrolling down! For a shortcut, replace the marshmallow creme with store bought Marshmallow Fluff.

(NB. You don't need the icing from this recipe! Replace it with the marshmallow creme below.)

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