Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Chicken and Avocado Pizza

What happens when your break through the chains of authenticity and break the rules?

Chicken and avocado pizza that’s what!

Ok...so we all know what a pizza is. Doughy base, smothered in delicious tomato sauce, topped with cheese and various other toppings.
This dish isn’t too far from that norm. It has a doughy base, is smothered in A sauce just not a tomato one, and is topped with cheese, and various other toppings!

It still counts as a pizza...right?
While I’m not here to debate what truly makes a pizza, I am here to convince you that once in a while swapping tomato sauce for avocado is a fun, exciting and TASTY thing to do!

Over Christmas I made a DELICIOUS salmon and avocado terrine. When buying avocados we’d somewhat overestimated how many we needed and we soon found ourselves with a drawer full of avocados in the fridge. After weeks of avocado salads and homemade guacamole served with crisps I had to come up with something different for fear of becoming sick of the soft green fruit.
One afternoon when craving something cheesy, doughy and well...pizza like. I found myself stuck. We had not tomatoes, pureed, tinned, fresh or otherwise but I really really wanted a pizza! The only way to give in to my quite frankly bizarre craving was to mix it up a little and to come up with a twist on a classic.

After whizzing up the avocado puree in my food mixer (don’t worry a fork and some elbow grease will equally do the trick) I spread it over a rather rustic dough base and topped with chicken, mozzarella and a drizzle of jalapeno sauce. The combination of flavours is really bold, the garlic lemon and jalapeno all vie for attention, but the creamy mozzarella and chicken really balance out the dish.

This pizza would work brilliantly as part of a main meal, served with salad and/or wedges. Alternatively serve on its own for an indulgent lunch!

Here’s how:


  1. This sounds literally amazing!! I love chicken & avocado.
    If you have any avocados left, might I suggest them sliced up in bacon sandwiches? Sounds strange but it's so good, haha!
    I'm loving your new background/layout/header, too! :)

    Jesss xo

    1. Thanks Jess! I felt like I needed something a bit more vibrant and fresh...on my pizza and as my header hahaha :P

      Avocado and bacon eh? I may have to try that :) sounds weirdly delicious! xx

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