Thursday, 17 January 2013

Sour Cherry Gin Slings

Happy birthday to me!!!

Ok, so it’s not my birthday today, it was yesterday but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate. I’ve got a whole weekend of birthday fun and frivolity planned so...

Those of you who know me will know that I am a big gin fan. My love of the stuff started at university. Before I’d turned 18 I drank pretty much anything put in front of me spirit-wise. (Insert irresponsible underage drinking comment here). I’ve never cared much for beer, cider or ale. But by the time I got to university and started visiting more and more cocktails bars in the city I started to learn more about what I liked. Gin and tequila fast became two of my favourite spirits in cocktails. This soon moved on to a gin and tonic of an eve, and tequila shots on nights out!

A few years down the line and I am most definitely still a gin girl! If we ever happen to be in the same pub or bar, mines a gin and tonic please! But, as it is (or rather was) my birthday I decided to make myself a signature cocktail to celebrate.
Gin can be a bit of an acquired taste, as can the tonic it is often served with, but the sweetness of the cherry cordial and zing of the lime juice, this drink is bright, fun and slips down far too easily.

Now I am no super-star mixologist. This is my first “official” attempt at making a cocktail and sharing it with you. Some of you may remember my Everyday Vegetable Juice, but they couldn’t be further from each other.

So, pour yourself a Sour Cherry Gin Sling, and let’s raise a toast to my birthday, the blog and more cocktails to come!

Side note...does anyone else feel like the Queen having two birthdays (a blog birthday and a real birthday)? I hear the Queen likes gin too...

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