Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Two Ways with Trout

I love, love, love when things I can’t normally afford to buy are on offer in the supermarket! I don’t know why people don’t make more of reduced sections!!!

At the beginning of the academic year, as I did my first big supermarket shop I stumbled across a pack of two trout fillets for just £1. That’s right £1, saving me around £3.50!!! So with their best before date coming to an end I wacked them straight in the freezer!

Now, as the reading is piling up, and tutorials are kicking in, I’ve been in desperate need for brain food and I got my trout out to defrost...now all I needed were two delicious trout recipes to cook up a storm!

Here are my two ways with trout:

 Trout and Chorizo Chowder

One cooooold autumn night last week I was in need of some warming comfort food so I whipped up this trout chowder/stew/whatever you want to call it in now time! Minimal effort, minimal fuss, maximum flavour!

 Trout and Fennel Parcels with Cous-cous

Tonight I finally got round to eating my last piece of trout – after I’d defrosted the first this one looked so lonely in the freezer on its own, but I knew it had something special waiting for it in the days ahead! For a fresher taste I decided to cook trout and fennel parcels with cous cous!

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  2. Well done for coming up with new ways with trout. These trout dishes sound delicious!
    Hubby used to go trout fishing, so I had more than enough of them in the past. I found them delicious, but strangely unadaptable. I either had them grilled, or... no, just had them grilled! Tried them with almonds once, but the almonds fell off and burnt.
    I now live on the coast and have the same problem with mackerel... Some fish just have so much personality!

  3. I'm glad you like these recipes!!!

    You'll be pleased to know I have a mackerel recipe coming up in the next few days, so keep an eye on the blog!



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