Saturday, 24 December 2011

Mince Pies

Happy Christmas Eve fellow food lovers! Tis the season to be jolly...and eat lots of mince pies!

Every Christmas Eve I take part in two of my favourite food traditions! With my Dad, I get up super-early and go to the Butchers to get our Turkey and other meaty-trimmings, then in the afternoon/evening we make mince pies!

If you haven't made any yet, there is still time to make them before Santa comes! I know, normally I work 'til 5pm on Christmas Eve and still manage to get a batch in before we head off out to our annual Christmas party at a family friends. So if you've got an hour to spare follow the recipe below and you will have beautiful mince pies, better than any shop bought variety!

Here's the recipe...

I do love all of the food traditions that come about round Christmas. Especially visiting the butchers with my Dad. The butchers is a family run affair in Baldock, a short trip through local towns and villages. Each year we get up at 6am aiming to get there about 6:45 for its 7am opening. We got there bang of 6:45 today and a queue had already formed! One year the queue was so long they bought hot mulled wine and mince pies out for us while we waited. We even got in the local paper! The food is all local, and organic and more importantly, delicious. This year we are experimenting with the black streaky bacon which has been cured in molasses, and we have got the most beautiful duck breasts in Worcestershire sauce for boxing day - my favourite.

Do you have any food traditions that you do around Christmas?

I'm also hoping to start my own this year - watch out for my Christmas cake recipe over the next few days!

Lots of Christmassy Love, Emma! Christmas, Mine pies, Pie, Mincemeat, Fruit pies, Dessert
The lovely people over at Living have come up with the brilliant idea of a mince pie calculator.
The idea is, that you go for a lovely Christmassy walk, type in your details and how long you went walking for, and it tells you how many mince pies you have walked off!
So now you really can have your mince pie and eat it, so long as you go for a walk and use the mince pie calculator. You can find it here: Mince Pie Calcultor!
Hoping everyone has a lovely Christmas and a Healthy New Year!

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