Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Currently Craving: Popcorn

This post is long overdue, normally I post my currently craving’s within the firts few days of the month, but this one has taken a little longer to get to press! I hope you don’t mind!

So what am I currently craving, I must admit, I crave this one food stuff almost every day of my would not be an understatement to say I am ADDICTED! One of my favourite things in the whole world is POPCORN! I mainly eat salty popcorn, but I am happy with butter, toffee, chocolate, and all of the millions of savoury combinations!
I will eat popcorn when I’m bored, popcorn as a revision snack, popcorn when I feel ill, popcorn when I’m happy, and popcorn when I’m on a diet (make it at home and it’s a low cal snack you know?!). There is always an occasion for popcorn, it is not just for films!!!

You may have noticed a number of “gourmet” popcorn providers popping up, and you can now find individual bags in shops like Greggs and even Topshop to replace crisps when you’re on the go.
Now, cinema popcorn has had a particularly bad time of it in the media. The mark up is on average 600% and it can contain over 1800 that isn’t diet friendly! There was also some research that said they were feeding us stale nasty tasting stuff that we only liked because we associated it with the excitement of the cinema. Now I know this not to be true...if a family member goes to the cinema without me, I always make sure they grab me a bag of the stuff before they leave on their way out! I don’t need a giant film screen to enjoy a big bag of Cineworld popcorn!

Anyway, enough about my addiction! How can you make yummy popcorn at home?

If you REALLY want the cinema taste then unfortunately you have to buy yourself their magic powder, though it is extremely cheap on Amazon!!! (I’m not going to lie...I’ve recently ordered some...I’ll let you know how that goes!)

In the meantime, why not try and come up with your own flavour combinations? I created this chocolate crunch version to kill my sweet cravings while on a healthy eating kick. Just a handful of Smarties and 2 squares of dark chocolate is naughty enough to stop any sweet cravings but not so naughty that you have to feel guilty!
Why not give this recipe a go and serve at your next child’s party, or a movie night with your friends?


Past Currently Craving's: Fentinman's Botanically Brewed Drinks, Bread, and Fish! popcorn, chocolate, snack

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